The Art Of The Brew



So you've passed your Novice Training and you've managed a brew or two. Well Fiddle-dee-doo. Without strategy that's that best you'll do.

If the Prince arrived and told you he needed 16 Healing Brews, 12 Curing Brews and 2 Flying Brews for his army, what are you going to do - tell him "Yes m'Lord, that'll be 3 months"?

With proper strategy you can maintain the Balance and sustain the Ceremony - create Brew after Brew. This guide will take you from a Novice to Adept if you are willing to Learn the lessons it has to offer.

____Make It Drain:

The Cauldron is constantly filling, and must be Drained by the Brewing of Potions. Any Novice knows this. But how much does a Brew Drain the Cauldron? And just what is a Magical Underflow? These answers and more lie ahead...

A Well Packed Potion!


Potion Packing: More Ingredients, More Power!

So how much does a Brew drain from the Cauldron? That depends on how full you pack it!

For example: A Healing potion is made from 3 Ingredient types. 3 is the match minimum for the Cauldron, so 9 Ingredients total is the minimum to make this Brew. But using the minimum only Drains the Cauldron by the amount these 9 ingredients raised it in the first place.
In other words, you stayed even.

But A Strange thing happens after 9 ingredients: The Brew's Drain amount displaces exponentially more for each ingredient! This means the more ingredients you put into a brew beyond the minimum amount, the more the Cauldron will drain.

A well packed brew could Drain to the point of Magical Underflow - the Magical Blowback effect that has a recharging effect on your candles!

The Adept Weighs The Risks


____Know The Table:

The Layout of the Table is important to study - to be adept is to visualize the way a move will affect the Table before it is made. The Novice knows where to make a move. The Adept knows where not to make one.

____The Adept Minimizes Chaos With Strategy!

The adept knows matches at the Altar edges cause less shifting and chaos than matches near the center.

When a Recipe is interrupted with an unwanted Ingredient the adept simply starts a new Recipe using that Ingredient.

A Wytch has no control over the Ingredients she channels. The adept counters with good Match choices - by first visualizing the Pieces left after a move. Are they one Piece away from a match that could ruin the recipe? Or complete it? When the Novice starts to see and weigh the risks of a swap, they are on the path of the Adept!

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